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Conagra Brands Corporate Citizenship Report

Citizenship reporting is a comprehensive look at an organization’s environmental, social and governance impacts. The information published in the report is of interest to a range of stakeholders that include customers, investors, and regulatory bodies. It’s a big project that takes months to complete. Good report design makes a large volume of information more accessible. This one is produced as an interactive PDF for reading online.

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The Collective for Hope Website Design

The Collective for Hope combines the strength of its program brands and co-located services to lead response to loss, elevate the value of grief companionship, and promote healthy survivorship. Everything the organization has to offer is organized and easily accessed within this mobile-friendly site design.

EZ Smart Extension Pole Tools Branding

What began with a hair dryer duct-taped to a broom handle evolved into a line of tools to clean gutters, dust up high, and do other kinds of out-of-reach work without having to get on a ladder. I consult with EZ Smart to help guide the overall direction of their brand communications and provide hands-on design for their packaging, website and other marketing initiatives.

TD Ameritrade Town Hall Videos

Several times each year, TD Ameritrade Associates get together to hear senior leaders talk about a range of topics. I work with the corporate communications team to develop and produce videos that help illustrate and illuminate some of those topics—community involvement, corporate responsibility, and rollouts of various kinds. Each video is kept to approximately two-minutes in length. They play at gatherings and then run on a closed-circuit loop in common areas throughout TD Ameritrade campuses. 

Blumenthal Holdings Identity

In 1924, Mr. Blumenthal was a traveling salesman stuck in Charlotte, North Carolina with a leaky radiator. A tinsmith poured in a powder, of his own invention, that sealed the leak without the need for more costly repairs. Impressed, Mr. Blumenthal went on to market and sell the product with great success. Today, Blumenthal Holdings is the maker of products including GUNK®, LIQUID WRENCH® and TITESEAL®. As a nod to their origin story, the shape of the logo is modelled after a typical car radiator from the 1920s.


Conagra Brands Sustainable Development Awards

The Sustainable Development Awards recognize innovative achievements by Conagra facilities to conserve resources and energy and reduce waste. My role in the project is to craft an overall identity for the awards communications, that compliments Conagra’s branding. Deliverables include category icons, finalist posters, PPT templates, awards and digital graphics.

Better Cotton Initiative Website Assessment

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is the largest cotton sustainability program in the world. BCI members span the cotton supply chain—and 21 countries—from farmer organizations to retailers and brands.

Communicating the right messages to many different stakeholders across cultures and languages is a challenge. Over time, their website has grown to 1,000+ pages with a broad focus. I work with their marketing team to help figure out how the website may evolve. Through interviews with BCI members and staff, a review of analytics, and applying best practices for the web, we produced an assessment for BCI leadership, that includes insights about content, user experience, and accessibility.

For additional project examples in a specific category or medium, please contact me.